At Razzle Dazzle Design & Stock we are saying goodbye to 2012 and bringing in the New Year with a sale!

Hello 2013!

To celebrate, every purchase from Razzle Dazzle Stock will be 20% off the original price for an entire week.

Also, any orders of custom design work from Razzle Dazzle Design will be 10% off the final price. This includes print designs, ebook covers, bookmarks, business cards…Everything! Take advantage of the discounts and get your designs ordered early.

But that’s not all! We are also offering a 50% discount on our Custom Photo Shoot Package! Our photo shoot package which usually cost $300.00-$500.00 will be on sale for the first time since they’ve been offered.

Plus, as a special bonus our 13th customer of the new year will win a free custom ebook design! So after midnight tonight come by our site and make your order! If you are the lucky winner we will contact you within 24hrs. If you don’t have a book ready for a cover yet, no problem! We’ll hold the spot for you whenever you’re ready. Talk about a great start to 2013!

We wish you all the best in the coming year!

Lots of Love in 2013 from Razzle Dazzle Design & Stock!

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Next Stock Theme?

premade coverI’ve really got to start updating this blog more often. Unfortunately, work is keeping me busy and I barely have to time upload any of my new designs, let alone trying to think of something witty and clever to post related to said work & design.

Sanjin and I, recently had our very first steampunk photoshoot for our stock website Though the photos are not uploaded yet I’m already thinking of what our next theme should be.

I need to start collecting costume and prop pieces while we are still busy taking & uploading the new images.

premade coverSo I’m putting it out there, taking a poll. What theme do you think we should do next? We’ve got cowboy/western, suspense, gothic/urban fantasy, steampunk, and regency so far.

I’m leaning towards something simple like various contemporary shoots with different couples, maybe even interracial but I’m not sure.


What do you think? I’d love to hear your ideas. Leave a comment or send me an email

Land of No Angels

There’s a lot of work that goes into book cover design. Our most recent cover, Land of No Angels by N.R. Wick is a great example of the surprising amount manipulation that happens behind the scenes.

Land of No Angels_making of

I bet you don’t even notice half of the images we used but they are there, plus more we didn’t show. But all the work was worth it. Don’t you think?

Land of No Angels03_500x800

Scar Walkthrough

This past week I had a challenge with one of my assignemnts. The hero for The Falcon Prince is scarred over most of his body & face, scars made from magic, all kinds of scars, burns, scrapes & puncture wounds.

Since this is the thrid book in a series I wanted the design to continue with the same style, which featured the heros naked chest (as the series is erotic romance). I tried to find appropriate images with men in robes or draped in fabric to hide his scars but that search was not successful.

So, I had to find a way to create believable scars and still keep the cover sexy. An internet search didn’t give me much help though a few tutorials sparked ideas.


A Beautiful Fantasy!

I am really proud of this fantasy novel cover. I was lucky to find some perfect images on and together they are awesome.


New Series from Carnal Passions

I’ve been working on a new series for author Rebecca Goings; The Desert Princes of Jikkar. The series will be published by Carnal Passions starting in the next month (I think). So keep your eyes open for them because they look very cool.

Here are the two covers I’ve already completed. What do you think?

viperprince_400x600 scarabprince_400x600

Newest Cover

I’ve been pretty busy this week but I thought I’d take a moment to share with you my newest cover design. Done for R.G. Porter (a long time client) for her novel Shades of Night.


June Birthday Bash Sale

For the entire month of June we are offering 10% off all freelance custom art orders and all premade art purchases in celebration of my 30th birthday on June 10th.

That’s right, for the ENTIRE month of June! So mark your calendars, make an order, and help me turn 30 in style!

We’ll be updating our premade section with new art so come back throughout the month and check things out.