Design Charges

Custom Art

Current prices for custom design work.


EBook Cover Package

We charge a basic $100 for a standard ebook cover design. This package includes one large full resolution jpg, one medium size jpg, and one thumbnail of the finalized approved design. If you or your publisher have specific size requirements we are happy to adjust the sizes to your needs. Otherwise we use the standard industry sizes and dimensions.


Print Book Cover Package

For Print covers we charge $150 for design of the front, back, and spine. For this price you will receive the full resolution jpg & pdf of the entire cover, a full resolution jpg of the front cover, a medium jpg of the front cover, and a thumbnail of the front cover. The print specifications are adjusted to your needs depending on the company where you will print your book.


Each package, ebook and print, includes up to 3 stock images with a combined cost of under 25$. For every additional stock image required there will be an additional charge of $10. Each package includes up to 3 drafts, no matter how minor or major the changes are, and for each additional draft there will be an extra charge of $10. This is to ensure that the extra work and time put into your design is compensated.


Custom Photo Shoot Package

We also offer the possibility of a custom photo shoot organized around your needs. The cost of the shoot ranges between $300 to $500 depending on the number of models and the type of costume, makeup, and styling.


Extra Fees

Kill Fee – If the project is pulled for any reason before we can finalize, a Kill fee of 25% of the final package cost is charged.


Rushed Fee – If a project has a release date/deadline earlier than one month after the project is given to us, we charge an additional 25% of the final package cost.


Loyal Client Discount

A special discount of between %5 and %10 of the total project cost may be given at the designers discretion.


Referral Program

For every new referred customer you will earn %10 off your next order. Refer 10 new clents to us and you could get a cover design free. Be sure to have them mention your name to take advantage of the savings.


Promotional Items

Bookmarks $20.00 per side including no stock photos and only one draft

Static Banners $20.00

Animated Banners $35.00

Business Cards $30.00 per side including no stock photos and only one draft

Trading Cards $20.00 per side including no stock photos and one draft

Posters $30.00 – $50.00 depending on the number of stock photos

Calendars $50.00-$75.00